We want our customers to be independent from our Know-How.

Therefore we offer the opportunity of project cooperation combined with Know-How transfer. We want to enable our customers to arrange there own It-Team for advance and support of the developed product.


Effective knowledge transfer

To support the effective learning, we manage knowledge transfer holistic and in step with actual practice.

  • Instructor with project experience
    The Instructors are normally involved in several projects and can therefore share there practical experience with you.

  • Holistic view
    In seminars and workshops we survey - if it is useful – several aspects combined e.g. object orientated software design with C++

  • Exercise to your tailor-made solution
    If it is possible we manage to find out the amount of your tailor-made solution and select useful and practical practices.

  • Training on the Job
    Here you combine outsourcing with knowledge transfer. While your tailor-made project is emerge your staff members will be integrated step by step in the project. Gaps in one’s knowledge will be closed practical.


Workshops and Seminars

We offer Workshops and Seminars in the following forms:

  • Inhouse-Seminars
    Inhouse Seminars are specially fitted for the interests of your company. Also travelling expenses and allowance of you staff could be saved.

  • Open Seminars
    We are partner of several considerable training providers. e.g. Grundig Akademie, Siemens, Mesago and SUSE.

Main Topics

The main topics of our seminars and workshops are architectures combined with several program languages and libraries as well as the use of XML in programming and automation.

Friday, 08/19/2022