Development of a CAN-based protocol stack including tracer.

For a medical device from the X-ray technology an own protocol stack on CAN base had to be developed that allows a real-time communication of the components on a real time basis. The product is designed for the customer and handed over at the time of clinical testing of the device. The test tool was developed in parallel with a tracer that can visualize the protocol traffic. The entire protocol stack has been developed in parallel for multiple programming languages ​​and implemented with the help of a 100% code generator.

Specific challenge:

Since the development had to take place in a very tight time frame - Hardware and software development were operated in parallel - all the software has been designed and tested to ensure that it was functional in just two weeks after the hardware installation.

Programming language: C, C++, Assembler, VB

Circumference at Klar: 5 PY (Person Years)

Friday, 07/19/2024