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  • water- and heat measurement technology


Planning and implementation of a software framework for laboratory- and in-line equipment for nondestructive testing of materials by image processing.The framework was created in the order for a customer. After completing the market launch, the overall project was handed over to the customer and a team of developers were trained. The product is still very successful in the market (since 13 years) and is maintained and expanded by the customer independently.

Specific challenge:

Enable easy and quick control of the device by the laboratory technician, without limiting the flexibility.

Programming language: C++, MFC current: .net

Circumference at Klar: 20 PY (Person Years)


Development and implementation of a configuration tool for process visualisation with a focus on the creation of user interfaces.

The first version of the software was developed in the course of an internal development at Klar Automation GmbH & Co. KG itself. The aim was to implement an approach that combines machine-oriented data on the semantic level with the user interface. A higher vertical integration between the field level and the process level has been achieved. This basic system was then adapted in a further step in specific customer projects and put to use. The developed systems are now included in the testing-, or into the early market launch phase at the customer.

Specific challenge:

Development of a flexible GUI framework that can be tailored for the special application of each client. Goal of the adjustment is to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness for the customer in implementing its development processes.
Programming language and libraries:

C++ (Qt), JAVA/Hugo® (software generator framework, meta-language), XML, JavaScript, .Net

Circumference at Klar: 25 PY (Person Years)


Planning and implementation of a software for logging consumption data (eg: heat / electricity / water).

The collected data is used by the system for billing the consumption cost to the end customer. Therefore high demands occur on the reliability of data storage. The project was conducted on behalf of customers and together with the customer introduced to the market. After the introduction, the project was handed over to the customer for care. The product is successfully established on the market since 10 years.

Specific challenge:

Very flexible detecting system with many setting possibilities, which allows the user to still work efficiently, quickly and intuitively.

Programming language: JAVA Oracle, partially C++(at the connection)

Circumference at Klar: 13 PY (Person Years)


Development and implementation of a graphical editor (GUI Artist®) for creating user interface elements.

In cooperation with the customer, a software was developed which accelerates the creation of individual dashboards to display technical dimensions. Since the company creates these dashboards only for 1-3 application cases, it was necessary to create a tool that allows rapid and efficient implementation, in order to continue to make sure the marketability of the company.

For this project the GUI Artist® was created, which is now used for other clients with similar problems.

Specific challenge:

Extremely high degree of individualisation of the dashboard elements, whose appearance is not based on standard PC elements, but rather on elements of the real world.

High performance requirements for the produced Dashboard.

Programming language and libraries: C++, Hugo®, XML, Qt, Java Script, HTML5

Circumference at Klar: 7 PY (Person Years)


Development and performing a C++ programming Training (object orientated programming) for C developers.

Schooled were about 40 programmers at the customer site in weeks of training.

The training content was adjusted to the daily work of the participants. Some special workshops were held to introduce individual groups in a specific subject area. The workouts were aligned both technical forming and team forming.

Specific challenge:

Development of an extensive training program for object orientated programming.

A heterogeneous knowledge within the training participants with the aim of bringing greatest possible extent homogenisation of level of knowledge after training.

Programming language: C, C++

Circumference at Klar: 0,8 PY (Person Years)


Development of a concept and performing a Win32 API programming training for Unix developers.

Trained were a group of software developers (150) within a corporate group. These had been working up to this point with Unix and should be trained on Windows 32 API development. Accompanying has been performed coaching and advice on specific issues in the various departments. The task proposed deal focused on the elaboration of the training concept and its implementation. Over the years were finally trained more than 1000 trainees in this area.

Specific challenge:

Development of an extensive course program for Win32 API programming.

A heterogeneous knowledge of the students.

Programming language: C, C++

Circumference at Klar: 1 PY (Person Years)


Interim project management of a project in the medical field.

For 2 years, the project management for the expansion of a 15-year-old software project was taken over. The team from the customer was an average of 7 people. Other responsibilities were taking care of the documentation including creating a paper architecture and test specification with associated test management. The device software is the central component of the entire system. It processes and controls all communications within a modular system of equipment modules through various proprietary and standardized bus systems / interfaces. After 2 years and successful version completion the project management was committed again to the customer.

Specific challenge:

Quality demands for the healthcare industry; Sensitive handling of legacy code; High parameterization of the central component; guidance of the team / team building, selection of the Toolchain;

Programming language: C, C++

Circumference at Klar: 14 PY (Person Years)


Requirement analysis and software architecture for devices in the medical technology

The role of the system architect in a software project is perceived for a manufacturer of devices in the medical technology. Thereby a team of approximately 20 employees is managed.

The roles are defined as follows:

Requirements analysis of the customer; analyzing the existing software architecture and system-environment of the customer; architectural design in close consultation with the customer and its partners according to the analysis results; development of small "proof of concept" - or test applications to verify the critical parts of the architecture; documenting the architecture; coaching and consulting from the development team at the customer

Specific challenge:

Complexity of the system architecture and high security requirements.

Programming language and libraries: C++, .net

Circumference at Klar: 3 PY (Person Years)


Development of a CAN-based protocol stack including tracer.

For a medical device from the X-ray technology an own protocol stack on CAN base had to be developed that allows a real-time communication of the components on a real time basis. The product is designed for the customer and handed over at the time of clinical testing of the device. The test tool was developed in parallel with a tracer that can visualize the protocol traffic. The entire protocol stack has been developed in parallel for multiple programming languages ​​and implemented with the help of a 100% code generator.

Specific challenge:

Since the development had to take place in a very tight time frame - Hardware and software development were operated in parallel - all the software has been designed and tested to ensure that it was functional in just two weeks after the hardware installation.

Programming language: C, C++, Assembler, VB

Circumference at Klar: 5 PY (Person Years)


Implementation of a tool for the development of interfaces for a device that comes within aircraft.

The implementation of the entire user interface software had to be chosen so, that a 100% path coverage during testing of the device was possible. This was achieved through the use of specially developed code generators for this application.

Specific challenge:

Safety critical environment.

The user interface had to be customisable at a later date, which is normally difficult in this environment.

Programming language: C, C++

Circumference at: 2 PY (Person Years)

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