Development and implementation of a configuration tool for process visualisation with a focus on the creation of user interfaces.

The first version of the software was developed in the course of an internal development at Klar Automation GmbH & Co. KG itself. The aim was to implement an approach that combines machine-oriented data on the semantic level with the user interface. A higher vertical integration between the field level and the process level has been achieved. This basic system was then adapted in a further step in specific customer projects and put to use. The developed systems are now included in the testing-, or into the early market launch phase at the customer.

Specific challenge:

Development of a flexible GUI framework that can be tailored for the special application of each client. Goal of the adjustment is to achieve the greatest possible effectiveness for the customer in implementing its development processes.
Programming language and libraries:

C++ (Qt), JAVA/Hugo® (software generator framework, meta-language), XML, JavaScript, .Net

Circumference at Klar: 25 PY (Person Years)

Saturday, 06/15/2024