Development and implementation of a graphical editor (GUI Artist®) for creating user interface elements.

In cooperation with the customer, a software was developed which accelerates the creation of individual dashboards to display technical dimensions. Since the company creates these dashboards only for 1-3 application cases, it was necessary to create a tool that allows rapid and efficient implementation, in order to continue to make sure the marketability of the company.

For this project the GUI Artist® was created, which is now used for other clients with similar problems.

Specific challenge:

Extremely high degree of individualisation of the dashboard elements, whose appearance is not based on standard PC elements, but rather on elements of the real world.

High performance requirements for the produced Dashboard.

Programming language and libraries: C++, Hugo®, XML, Qt, Java Script, HTML5

Circumference at Klar: 7 PY (Person Years)

Saturday, 06/15/2024