Interim project management of a project in the medical field.

For 2 years, the project management for the expansion of a 15-year-old software project was taken over. The team from the customer was an average of 7 people. Other responsibilities were taking care of the documentation including creating a paper architecture and test specification with associated test management. The device software is the central component of the entire system. It processes and controls all communications within a modular system of equipment modules through various proprietary and standardized bus systems / interfaces. After 2 years and successful version completion the project management was committed again to the customer.

Specific challenge:

Quality demands for the healthcare industry; Sensitive handling of legacy code; High parameterization of the central component; guidance of the team / team building, selection of the Toolchain;

Programming language: C, C++

Circumference at Klar: 14 PY (Person Years)

Saturday, 06/15/2024